About the Artist

Margaret Dugan has been studying, designing, and building stained glass windows for nearly twenty years.  She began her studies in stained glass while living in the reviving Victorian neighborhood of Grant Park in East Atlanta, where many of the homes featured period stained glass windows.  Margaret's home didn't have stained glass when she moved there, but she was determined that one day it would have them.  So she took lessons and built three stained glass windows that are main features of the house to this day.

Stained glass as an art form has been around for centuries.  Whether in a cathedral or a design feature in a private home, stained glass adds a touch of elegance, individuality, and architectural interest.  Glass colors, textures, and patterns provide an endless array of design options.  “No two windows are identical”, says Margaret, “and each of the windows I create is one of a kind.”  A stained glass panel is the creative result of collaboration between the glass artist and the homeowner.  The window design is determined by the taste and preferences of the home owner.

Stained glass can add privacy and artistic interest to a garden tub window.  It can be used in kitchen cabinet doors, in entry door panels and sidelights, or as a framed panel hanging in front of a window.  Stained glass panels can be mounted inside existing windows so it is not necessary to replace the windows you already have in your home.  Stained glass provides privacy, while allowing filtered light into your home.  Whether you prefer geometric designs or florals, Victorian or prairie designs, there is a stained glass window just for you.

Margaret's studio is located at her home in Madison, Georgia.  After a recent renovation, the original kitchen of the 1850's house has been renovated and converted to a stained glass studio.  Although Margaret lives in the historic district of Madison, her client base covers Madison, the Lake Oconee area, Lake Lanier, and many points between.